Auction Operations

Contract: TLDRegistrar.Bid

Places a new highest bid on a domain that is currently in auction. The bid will record the indicated amount and the sender as the new highest bidder. The bid amount has to be higher than round_to_nearest_tenth(previous_highest_bid * (100 + min_bid_increase_ratio) / 100).


  • If there is a previous highest bid, it is replaced and its amount is credited to the previous highest bidder.

  • Any excess amount sent with the bid is credited to the sender.

  • If the current auction end is lower than NOW + bid_additional_period, it is updated to NOW + bid_additional_period.

Entrypoint: bid

Amount restriction: The amount sent in this transaction plus the in-contract balance of the sender has to be higher or equal to the bid amount.

type bid_param = [@layout:comb] {
    label: bytes;
    bid: tez;

| Bid of bid_param

Contract: TLDRegistrar.Settle

Settles an auction that has ended. Removes the auction record and assigns the domain to the new owner. This call can only be made by the auction's highest bidder.

The settlement period must not be expired, i.e. this call will only succeed during the period of min_duration days after an auction end.

Entrypoint: settle

type settle_param = [@layout:comb] {
    label: bytes;
    owner: address;
    address: address option;
    data: data_map;

| Settle of settle_param

Contract: TLDRegistrar.Withdraw

Makes a withdrawal of the caller's full in-contract balance. If the caller has no in-contract balance, the operation does nothing.

Entrypoint: withdraw

type withdraw_param = address

| Widthdraw of withdraw_param

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